Allen Randall's passion for art was first sparked during the tumultuous 1960's when Andy Warhol and Peter Max were breaking onto the pop-art scene. Picasso and Salvador Dali were still top names in the art world. During those years Allen experimented with acrylics, watercolors, pencil, sculpture and mixed-media. He also developed a deep passion for photography, even setting up his own dark room. His artistic experimentation was however short-circuited by the counter-culture fervor of the times which drew Allen into anti-war protests and revolutionary politics. As a result, Allen's artistic endeavors were sidelined, not to be picked up again until four decades later.

During those years Allen's simmering artistic yearnings were partially satisfied through his passion for photography. His early black and white photography, along with his singular way of looking at the world around him, worked to cultivate in him a keen eye for graphic composition.

In 2010 that long dormant youthful artistic impulse was unexpectedly rekindled in Allen's life when the Rushing Academy of Fine Art moved from North Park to its new Normal Heights location on Adams Avenue. Visiting the studio and meeting Andrea Rushing was all it took to stimulate Allen's dormant creative juices and get him to begin taking lessons.

Diving into the artistic deep end, Allen tackled portraiture first thing, reflecting his love for people and their infinitely unique faces and expressions. Allen's photos reflect the beauty he finds in nature and in the common objects which adorn our everyday world. Allen is anxious to explore all the various subjects and styles of art, while he hones his skills and develops his own artistic “signature.”

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